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Cygwin-make does not behave like Unix-Gnu-make



-2- Cygwin-make works for some of my makefiles.

-3- I have transferred from an Unix workstation running Gnu-make-3.76.1
a fortran program and its rather complicated makefile
     but Cygwin-make cannot treat this makefile.

-4- I didn't care: I tried to create, under Cygwin, the true Gnu-make
from its 3.76.1 distribution but:
     - the ./configure didn't give a good makefile (the makefile for
building Gnu-make under Cygwin !)
     - I decided to modify, by hand, the config.status file in order to
get a good makefile
     - the make.exe resulting from this operation does not behave like

Does anyone tried something like that ?

Thank you in advance

                                           Alain Guichard

  SNPE Division Propulsion. Unité d'énergétique numérique 
           Centre de recherches du Bouchet.(CRB)
           BP2     91710 Vert-le-petit   France          
      tél: +33 1 64991124         fax: +33 1 64991118    

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