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FXDR library for Cygwin-20.1

FXDR is a library that allows you to make calls to the XDR (eXternal Data Representation) routines from Fortran. You almost certainly
already have the XDR routines on your workstation--with FXDR you can easily call them from Fortran. In practical terms, this means
that you can read and write unformatted binary files in your Fortran code which are portable between different platforms. Write your
binary on a Cray, read it on a DEC, write it on an SGI, read it on a HP, write it on Cray, read it on NT/Cygwin--it doesn't matter. 

The port of FXDR library for Cygwin-B20.1 ( is available from

The library seems to be working fine, except 0.0001% loss of precision in numbers.  According to authors of FXDR code at their web pages (, "...However if you just can't live with losing a bit of precision in your numbers then please erase your copy of this library and for God's sake start drinking decaffinated coffee..."

You will need Corinna Vinschen's port of ONC RPC for Cygwin B-20.1 from

to use FXDR library.


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