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Re: Better console for Win95

Mikey wrote:

> Win95cmd.exe in the PSDK iTOOLS.exe
> is cmd.exe built for use under 9x.
> I haven't played around with it much,
> because I much prefer bash.-)
> however it should give you most of
> the features of cmd.exe under 95.

Hmmm...I downloaded this and gave it a whirl -- it seems that it implements
many of the *shell* features of the NT cmd.exe (exended options for
FOR loops, etc, etc) but it does not create its own window with a scrollbar.
It appears within the standard Win95 window (the one with the useless
menubar, and no scrollbars). It seems that Win95- and WinNT-
cmd.exe are much like traditional unix shells. They need a window provided
by a different program in which to operate -- just like you run bash in an
xterm or rxvt window. So, does anybody have a clue as to what program
provides the terminal window for cmd.exe / under Win95?


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