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  • 1999-02-26 11:59 Corinna Vinschen <>

    Re: "Accented" characters

    "expect" weirdness

    'flip' program needed

    Re: 'windres' bug

    RE: (???170?)???????????

    RE: (C<readdir> broken ?) pb with Cwd::getcwd() ! [perl 5.005_02 / Cygwin32 B.20.1]

    (no subject)

    -mcpu vs -march

    Re: ... is not writable by you

    Re: .lib files to .a

    Re: /dev/null

    Re: =?iso-2022-jp?B?Rlc6IBskQiFKP01IL0JoIzEjNyMwOWYhSzxSRmI4eEpnGyhK?==?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCJE48QjtcJEskRCQkJEYbKEo=?=


    Re: =?iso-2022-jp?B?Rlc6IBskQkVsR3AlMUMrOSlEeCFKTEg/TEF1Q1YhSxsoSg==?= =?iso-2022-jp?B?Lnhscw==?=


    Re: [ANN] CAMP 1.1b1, Apache 1.3.4 SSL, SLLeay 0.9.0b released

    Re: [ANN] djgpp's redir utility for mingw32

    [ANN] Nice(?) port of GNU readline 2.0 library available

    [ANN] Python readline module which works with standard distribution

    [ANN] Sh-Supp converts native win shell syntax to POSIX sh syntax

    [ANN] tcl/tk 8.0.4, blt 2.4g, Tix 4.1.0 for cygwin b20

    RE: [ANN] The -mno-cygwin option -- howto, and hownotto.

    Re: [ANN]: New version of the User's Guide

    Re: [ANN]: Sun RPC 4.0, Patch to xdr_float

    Re: [B20.1] FIONBIO : which one is the right one ?

    [B20.1] gethostname : from sockets.h or unistd.h ?

    [B20.1] I need gettext ...

    Re: [B20.1] stdio and timing issues

    Re: [B20.1] troubles with ncurses examples

    [FAQ autopost] gnuwin32 resource pointer

    [Fwd: no acceptable ld]

    Re: [PB] "no acceptable ld" : cywin32 pb, way to handle win path ?

    RE: [PB] "no acceptable ld" : cywin32 pb, way to handle win path ?

    Re: [Q:] Has Mail Delivery Changed?

    Re: [Q:] Has Mail Delivery Changed? Hello? Look at the Headers!

    Re: [Q:] Has Mail Delivery Changed? Please Stop.

    [Q:] Question About strip.exe?

    [Quest] Proxy / Modem sharing

    Re: __attribute__((dllimport)) problems with egcs

    Re: _ctype_

    Re: Access violation on egcs-1.1.1

    Access Violation On return fron WinMain (b20)

    ADV: 900+ Search Engines, Only 9.95

    ADV: Free European Catalogs!!!

    Altername mail archives site

    Re: another possible bug.

    Re: Any shell has the following behavior

    Re: Any shell has the following behaviour

    App Errors - a suggestion

    Re: autoconf 2.13 doesn't recognize Cygwin B20.1

    Re: AW: how to use emacs in -batch mode from bash?

    b20 gdb problem.. (abort() somewhere)

    B20 under Win98: command line CR/LF problem

    Re: b20's makeinfo


    Re: b20.1 (bash) hangs on NT4 SP4 in "command not found" situation

    Re: B20.1 clock() function bug?

    Re: b20.1 Crash on redirect to %

    RE: B20.1 Make broken

    B20.1 terminal problems

    B20.1 user: Where can I find "patch"?

    Re: B20.1/EGCS1.1.1: undefineds with -frepo

    B20.1: Cygwin headers and egcs-1.1.1. for x86-win32

    Re: B20.1: 'tsort' missing...where to get it?

    Re: B20.1: 'tsort' missing...where to get it? ('tsort' source attached)

    B20.1: bash fhandler_base::fork_fixup problem in xemacs 21.2.10

    B20.1: getc(stdin) half-second delay under cmd.exe but not in bash

    B20.1: subtle "no fork" and sys hang

    Re: B20.1: typedef for DWORDLONG

    B20.1: wait/cwait/waitpid not working?

    Re: B20.1: Windows32 header tiny patch

    B20: bash: problem placing command output into a variable

    Re: B20: dlopen() of multiple libraries emits a warning message

    Re: B20: make confused with //a style drive specifiers

    Re: B20: Where is Tcl/Tk 8.1?

    Re: bash and 8-bit characters

    Re: bash bug

    bash bug : here is the TCL script

    Re: BASH question

    RE: bash quoting bug?

    BASH under NT Emacs not sourcing my .bashrc

    Re: bash, tcsh and perl

    Re: Fw: Be the competition

    Fw: Binary distribution of Xlt (0.87.1) for Cygnus

    Bison "Bad Address" error.

    broken mkdir -p

    Re: Bug about egcs-1.1.1/mingw32

    Re: BUg in GNU make 3.75 (CYGWIN port)

    Re: bug in strip 2.9.4

    Re: Bug report lesstif-0.87.9

    Bug: gdb and symbolic links?

    Re: bug: missing include files in B20.1


    Re: changing default colors

    code for enumerating interfaces (ipconfig/ifconfig) sought

    Coding Question

    Command Buffer size

    Commercial Version -- Need some advice

    compiler error: 980711 (Cygwin B20 and BeOS R4)

    RE: Compiler Problem

    Re: Compiling Apache 1.3.4 on NT using gcc

    Re: Compiling simple C programs to DOS

    Re: Compleate env remapping?

    configure and cpp problem (Was: bug: missing include files in B20.1)

    Re: cron 2.9.2

    Re: cross compiler build fail (multiple definition of `fhandler_base::get_nat...

    Re: cross compiler build fail (multiple definition of `fhandler_base::get_native_name(void)', and more)

    Re: cross-assembling under cygwin

    cross-egcs : install problem

    cscope and java?

    Ctrl-C in bash is killing background processes in B20.1

    Cursor Control under Cygwin

    Re: Cygnus

    Re: Cygnus Support - WAS: Re: Cygwin B20 - fseek under gcc fails to reposition on text files

    Re: Cygwin B20 - fseek under gcc fails to reposition on text files

    Re: Cygwin B20 - fseek under gcc fails to reposition on text files

    Re: Cygwin B20.1 and tcsh 6.08.00.x

    Re: cygwin build of xemacs (-nw) and inetd/telnetd

    RE: cygwin footer lost again

    Re: cygwin for Alpha NT / shared libs like Interix

    Cygwin HOWTO Repository

    Re: Cygwin participation threshold

    Re: Cygwin symbolic links on a SAMBA server

    Cygwin telnet.exe for nt-emacs telnet-mode?

    Re: cygwin-inst-19990222.tar.gz

    Re: cygwin32 native tcl7.6/tk4.2?

    Re: Cywgin + XEmacs + Tcsh: error messages.

    daemonizing don't work (corrected)

    daemonizing don't work no mo'

    Re: Debugging the cygwin DLL

    Re: Dialog box resources and windres

    Re: Display of file ownership

    DJGPP's FSDB win32 port betatesters wanted

    Re: DLL Not working

    Re: DLLs built corrupted with mingw32 hunt

    Do you want to talk about spam?

    Re: Does anyone have attachable gdb

    Re: does cron compiles simply on gnu-win32?

    Re: Double alignment trouble

    Re: EGCS 1.1.1 mingw32 by Mumit Khan

    egcs c++ bug report [Re: B20: make confused with //a style drive specifiers]

    Re: Executing a BASH script from a start menu shortcut

    exit() / GDB problem in B20.1?

    Re: ezmlm response (fwd)

    Re: f2c and libf2c.a

    F90 and HPF for Cygwin

    FAQ update

    file completion in bash shell from emacs

    Re: Filename problems using Java compiler

    Re: Fortran 90 on B20

    Free Shopping Cart For Your Website!

    Re: free xserver

    RE: from Win32 to linux : any Visual C++ to gnu make converter?

    fyi: who does what

    Re: g77

    Re: gcc bugs/problems

    Re: GCC Internal Compiler Error When Compiling with -pipe

    Re: GDB and core files revisited again.

    gdb and isatty

    Re: gdb failure

    Re: gdb failure (Template Debugging problem)

    Re: gdb tutorial


    Get me off the list

    Re: glob_t, glob(), glob.h or similar : where in B20.1 ?

    Good example of string bug

    Re: Graphics library

    Graphics library (2)

    Re: Handling CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT

    Has anyone build gettext from cygnus distribution ?

    Re: Has anyone ported RPM?

    Re: Help on DLL

    RE: Help on mexing with Mingw32 and g77!

    Help with Windows DLL

    Re: Help: Make going wild

    Re: Here documents in ash shell scripts mess up stdin on 9x

    hi .. help on GDB

    Re: how can i use "who"

    Re: How do I mount remote unix file systems?

    Re: How do I port the calls to direct.h ?

    Re: How to compile binutils

    how to prevent bash from opening a window?

    Re: How To: Re: LessTif build under Cygwin32?

    Re: Howto fix some terminal keys which don't work right

    Re: HOWTO: Building Cygwin/Mingw32 cross-compiler

    Re: I can't find more.exe

    RE:I cat't find more.exe

    Re: I have some trouble with the cygnus tool.

    Re: I've switched Internet Providers

    icq api (.lib -> .dll)

    ignore last post

    Important announcement regarding the Cygwin mailing lists

    Re: in.telnetd problems

    install fails for .exe files

    Re: Is a patch required for tcsh to work with mount points?

    Is eval crippled, also ? re: sendmail, and a couple misc. comments

    Re: Is Tcl broken in B20.1 ?

    Jam vs. make

    Re: Jikes goes open source

    Fw: ld not picking up .bss sections from Digital Fortran

    Re: ld, dlls, and windows libraries

    Fw: LessTif 0.87.9 Binary for cygwin now available

    Re: LessTif binary renamed

    Fw: LessTif Release 0.87.9 is out

    Re: libm.a for Mingw32?

    Re: libtiff, configure, target, make problems

    Re: linux cross compiling again

    Re: List admin

    RE: Looking for DLL version number using objdump (or any command

    Looking for DLL version number using objdump (or any command line utility)

    Re: ls and long file names

    Re: lsh and/or gmp?

    mail archives - browse and search

    Mailing List changes

    mailing list problem -- forwarding to other lists

    Majordomo results

    Re: Re: make and .exe targets

    Re: make and .exe targets (more info)

    Re: make and .exe targets. Enough!

    Re: make and .exe targets. Enough! Already!

    RE: Make/Bash beta 20.1: can't find /c?

    man and info

    Maximize Your Website's Traffic!

    Maximize your website's traffic!

    Re: Mesa-3.0 Libs w/ Glut

    Re: mexgcc


    missind includes ???

    Re: More corruption [Re: Problems with ncftp]

    More on double alignment

    Re: mount

    Re: multithread programming

    Re: My mistake...

    Re: mySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL with cygwin ?

    RE: nesting "source" scripts

    Re: New "feature" introduced with winsup automount?


    Re: newbie question

    Re: newbie question & Readline bug report

    Re: newlib and glibc compatibility

    Re: no acceptable ld

    No Subject

    no such recipient?

    Re: NT Device Drivers

    Re: nt fclose() question...

    Re: OpenGL and B20

    Re: OpenGL and glut with B20.1

    ownership after file creation

    Re: A partial goodbye...

    RE: pb with Cwd::getcwd() ! [perl 5.005_02 / Cygwin32 B.20.1]

    pcGRASP for Cygwin

    Perl 5.005_2 / B20.1 : "target pattern contains no `%'"

    Re: pid problem found

    Re: pine for cygwin?

    please ignore my post about mingw32

    Please ignore that" Shell bug - no args ..."

    re: port of DHCP server

    port of du?

    Re: Pre-compiled f2c for linking with a mingw32 applicatio

    Re: Precompiled GLUT library.

    Re: printing support on U/win?

    Problem installing perl

    Re: Problem with egcs-1.1.1/mingw32

    Re: Problem with make and executables in current directory

    Re: Problem with socketpair/fork/dup2/fdopen b20

    Problem with Status struct member in Windows32/Structures.h

    Re: Problem with Win95

    problems building egcs-1.1.1

    Re: Problems with ncftp

    problems... don't know where to turn to.... :)

    RE: PS1 prompt and \u displaying I have no name!

    Re: pthreads

    Re: Pthreads in cygwin

    Re: Putting windows last

    Re: Question about -mno-cygwin.

    RE: rcs, diff, and B20

    RE: Repost: B20.1 -- Control-Cs in the bash shell no longer kill back ground tasks ???

    Repost: B20.1 -- Control-Cs in the bash shell no longer kill background tasks ???

    Retraction: libtiff, configure, target, make problems

    REVISITED: telnetd and bash hanging

    rpm-2.91 port with some packages


    Re: Rxvt

    rxvt patches for initial terminal size

    Re: Search Engine Response [Was: Re: Cygnus]

    Re: Fw: Search utility

    RE: setmode (long)

    setting CYGWIN from telnetd

    Re: sh can't run any programs from script when PATH exceeds 2500

    sh can't run any programs from script when PATH exceeds 2500 characters

    Re: sh read mis-handling CR/LF?

    Re: Shell bug - no args for sourced scripts

    Re: short changing by ash

    Signals and abort and corefiles

    Re: snapshots, gas, and MAX_OPCODE_SIZE

    Re: Soft links givin' me as hard time !!!

    Re: some spam in the mailing list....

    Re: some spam in the mailing list.... Hope is in sight...

    Re: some spam in the mailing list.... Hope is in sight...

    Re: Some spam to the mailing list

    Re: sources

    Re: SSH 1.2.26 id problem

    Re: stand alone console app


    Re: STL auto_ptr

    Re: stop! (was: Re: cross compiler build fail (multiple definition of `fhandler_base::get_native_name(void)', and more))

    Re: Strange bash problem with Sun's javac

    Re: strange mount behaviour...

    Syslog in NT

    Re: tar problems in cygwin

    Re: TCSH question ...

    FW: termcap/terimnfo entry for TERM=cygwin

    Test - Please Ignore

    test message -- please ignore

    Re: text/binary? bash errors. Newbie problem.


    Thanks a lot!!

    TIRPC for NT

    Fw:To Be Competitive

    Re[2]: Total lack of accurate documentation!

    RE: troubles while linking wxWindows samples...(B20.1)

    Re: Troubles with ctrl Z and intl/loadmsgcat.c

    Re: Troubles with Termcap-1.3

    Re: unsubscribe

    Re: unsubscribe (OFF TOPIC)

    UPD: GNUWin32 package report

    Re: Fw: Updated binary lesstif-0.87.1-cygnus-b20.tgz now available.

    Updated rxvt patch

    RE: Updated X11R6.4 client libs for B20

    upgrade problems (FAQ's?), updatedb, man, man pages...

    A useful script

    using core files.

    Re: using core files. FAQ alert!

    UWIN subscribed to cygwin mailing list

    uwin-user messages on cygwin mailing list: is it an error?

    varargs problem?

    Re: vim and xterm/rxvt

    vim/bash job control interaction strangeness

    We are addressing the mail loop problem on cygwin

    Where can I find old b18 distribution?

    Re: Re: where to set CYGWIN=tty

    RE: Win98 and arrow keys

    Win98 and arrow keys, continued

    Re: Win98 and arrow keys: AGAIN AND AGAIN :-(((

    Windows Common Controls and Dialogs

    Re: Windows GUI info?

    windres VS_VERSION_INFO patch

    Re: Winux?

    RE: Would you please help me out .....

    wxWindows GUI Library, & EGCS OLE

    Re: X11R6.3 Libraries

    XaoS porting problems again...

    XARGS Stack Faults on Windows 95

    Re: Xarm-1.3.0 for Cygwin-B20

    RE: xemacs under B20.1

    xterm/rxvt question

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