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A partial goodbye...

On Wed, Feb 17, 1999, DJ Delorie wrote:
> Due to an internal shuffling, primary responsibility for maintaining
> cygwin's documentation, ftp sites, and web pages now falls on DJ
> Delorie instead of Geoff Noer, and primary responsibility for the
> mailing lists falls on Chris Faylor.

As DJ hinted at, after working on Cygwin for the last three years,
I've decided that it's time for a change and have accepted another
position inside Cygnus.

Chris Faylor has been doing an excellent job managing the group and
making many valuable technical contributions.  DJ has also been
instrumental in moving the project forward.  I have every confidence
that Cygwin will continue to make significant progress in the

I still believe that Cygwin is a great piece of technology and will
continue to support it in whatever way I can.  I intend to continue to
contribute to the discussion on the mailing lists, keep up to date
with development-level changes to Cygwin, and perhaps volunteer my
help with future Net releases/bug fixing in my spare time.  So with
a little luck, this will only be a half-goodbye.  :-)

Best regards,

Geoffrey Noer		Email:
Cygnus Solutions

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