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[ANN] djgpp's redir utility for mingw32

Folks who are crippled by braindead shells common under Windows32 (COMMAND
and CMD) may want to pick up a copy of the redir utility which allows you
to redirect standard error. As a bonus, now you can send me compiler bug 
reports that include the actual errors so I can do something about it ;-)

This is a straight port of DJ Delorie's redir utility, minus some djgpp
specific code. The package contains the source, prebuilt binary for
mingw32 and the documentation that comes with djgpp.

Just the README/doc:

You may also want to look at DJGPP FAQ for alternatives on how to grab 
standard error from programs when using the MS-supplied shells.

Please keep in mind that any bugs in this code is probably my doing, so
before you blame DJ, please send me a note so I can fix whatever problems
you may find. If you find it useful, send a "thank you" note to DJ for 
putting the code under GPL.


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