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!# breaks foreign interpreter (cygnus script path)

"specs" related problems

#!/bin/sh troubles

Re: #!/bin/sh troubles (solved)

#define DELETE causes GNU cvs to break.

Re: #include <.string>

#include <string>

%.o: %.c - case sensitive

Re: .profile

/dev in B20.1

2 problems with B20.1: cp -p and CTRL-Z

2 questions: ICMP and system

[ANNONCE] new release of tcsh for B20.1 [was Re: TCSH?]

[ANNOUNCE] B20.1 cygwin1.dll with tape support available

[ANNOUNCE] CAMP 0.9 alpha download fixed

[ANNOUNCE] CAMP 0.9 alpha released

[ANNOUNCE] CAMP 1.0 alpha now available

[ANNOUNCE] ClibPDF for Cygwin supported

[ANNOUNCE] NcFTP client port released

[B20.1] MB_CUR_MAX broken?

[B20] another library linking probleme (termcap)

[B20] Binutils - [B21] Binutils

[B20] linking gettext-0.10 ?

Re: [B20] porting code from Unix to Windows NT

[Beta-20.1 Win95osr2] Make problem with shell commands

[Beta-20.1] gethostbyname fails after fork.

[Fwd: Lets get this streight.]

[Win95] vfork: No more processes

_ctype_ undefined?

`ldd' functionality

About subjects on the mailing list

About: Lets get this streight.

Ack! Port from Borland C++ 5.01A to B20.1 buggy!

ANNOUNCE: cygwin `ldd' script

Announcing Cygwin B20.1!

Announcing: run-1.1.4

anyone re-built 20.1?

Apache and PHP binaries.

are these warnings actually something to worry about?

Re: Arrow Keys with bash20 on W98. Any Solution?

AS/400 QOpenSys ln support

Asked and now answered... about Mesa 3.0

autoconf and other gnu tools

B18 Bash returns (null)

B18 readme

B19 and tmpfile...

Re: b19 SIGSEGV in _size_of_stack_reserve

Re: B19, EGCS 1.1: Strcasecmp uses uppercase?

B19, performance using fopen()/fclose() on FAT16

B20 or B20.1 and Nedit?

B20 quote(') eval

B20.0 on NT4.0/SP4: bash bug: spinning when executing a script

B20.1 & (Active)Perl?

B20.1 (where?)

b20.1 : where is regex.h ?

B20.1 Automatic carriage return

B20.1 bug : fork() with open sockets, test case 'rsh'

b20.1 fork bug or please HELP!!!

b20.1 fork doesn't work on win95

b20.1 gdb source configure problem: missing wctype()

B20.1 status 981201

b20.1 success

B20.1- A required .DLL file, CYGWINB19.DLL was not found

B20.1: arrow key repeating problem with bash

Re: B20.1: arrow key repeating problem with bash & funktion-keys in bash?

b20.1: binmode and pipes

b20.1: build question

B20.1: domain UID problem

b20.1: internal compiler error compiling Jikes

B20.1: ls: . : no such file or directory (Win98)

B20.1: make problem under win95 with "echo" and other commands

B20.1: new pasting bug with vim?

b20.1: problems with xmkmf and xfs

B20.1: Procedure entry point problem in the cygwin DLL

B20.1: rm -f does not force?

B20.1:question on using bunzip2 and tar under NT 4.0 Japanese SP3

Re: B20: @arg expansion change problem

B20: bash wait for sig_complete event failed

B20: bug in bash string substitution, ${var%%/*} eats last character

Re: B20: Bug in windres???

B20: egcs: Questions (Structures, inline assembly, comments, unnamed unions)

B20: fgets() again. (Enter isn't enter!)

B20: fgets() doesn't wait for input on stdin

b20: Problems with timezone

b20: Problems with timezone - followup

B20:socket() and fork() bug, look my source.

B20:support "ipc"?

b21: running on background bug?

Bash frustrations ( ctrl-Z & C )

RE: RE: BASH history

bash with 50 lines?

Re: bash with 50 lines? OK!

Beginner question

best way to append binary files together?

beta 20.1 and 19 and 18 'rint' function with gcc is broken

Broken pwd or how can I resolve symlnks?

Bug for date --utc

Re: Bug: Re: [ANNOUNCE] B20.1 cygwin1.dll with tape support available

Bugs in dead children on Win95

Building Relocatable DLLs on Win/95 (w/ cygwin B19)

c++ and -mno-cygwin

Can outsiders get simple questions answered?

Can't compile cvs-1.10 in rcs.c

Case sensitivity in filenames

chmod and ftp'ed files....

CHMOD not changing mode

clearcase: Using bash as clearmake's shell

Compiling gnuchess under gnu-win32

Compiling SSLeay under cygwin32

configuration opacity for utter beginner

configure fails to recurse in B20

Configure playing havoc with terminal

could someone tell me what is coolview?

Creating a library from a dll

cross compiled linux kernel under cygwin NT

Cross Compiling ...

Ctrl-C broken in cmd.exe

Re: cygnus tape-dll for 20.1

RE: cygwin + win95: make boot-SRC-3.3-Modula-3-ERRORS

cygwin + win95: make boot-SRC-3.6-Modula-3-ERRORs

RE: Cygwin and internet???

CYGWIN b20: Pipe problems (bug?)

cygwin compiled DLLs

Cygwin for KEIL-C51 Projects

CYGWIN variable and NT emacs 20.3 (or even vim)

Cygwin with sockets

cygwin-bash & 44 rows?

Re: Cygwin-Documentation

cygwin20.1 expect failure

Re: CYGWIN32 options

DDD debuger

DDD Debugger

Directory Stucture under B20.1

dllwrap, JNI, and all that


dos stub

dup() and dup2()

EA DATA.SF file on NT

EGCS Optimisation??

egcs-1.1 windows headers cause compilation failure in cygwin b20

egcs-1.1.1 builds on B20.1

ELF with cygwin?

ELF with cygwin? (add-on)

ELF with cygwin? (correction)

emacs or vim under telnet

emacs: standard input is not a tty

ERROR: can not find channel named stderr

Failing to execute B20.1 runtest for egcs-1.1.1

Fixed gnu-win32 search engine

flex and bison ported in Win32?

flock(), mount

fork() under W95/98 and NT

g77 for b20

gcc -E and unix style paths

gcc -print-prog-name behavior

gcc installation with NT

gdb error 193

GDB under Windows95

gettimeofday problem in B20.1?

Gimp compilation under cygwin B20.1 NT4.0

glut32.dll -> libglut32.a

GNU-Win32 Makefile: Dependencies

gnuwin32 mini FAQ and resource pointer

Help compiling X11!!!

help on compiling perl/ nt with cygwin. gnu c lib missing

Help On wchar_t functions

Re: Help w/ man please...

HELP: Problems building GDB

help: best way to use autoconf and makefile with cygwin

How do I avoid buying MSVC++?

How do I compile egcs-1.1.1 under Cygwin B20.1?

How do I link programs created with flex and bison.

How do I open a COM port in b20.1?

How I made flex and bison work with nmake and VC++5.

How to access serial ports in b20.1

how to detect "file in use" from the shell script?

IBM's Jikes Java Compiler on Cygwin b20.1

Include ordering bug in B20.1

include path problems


inetutils, resolv.h, ports of similar programs, etc :)

install vs gcc wrt .exe

Installation - A Recommended Structure - Comments?

Installation problems

IPC 1.01

Is bison configured correctly in B20?

is it possible to program for background?

Is this startup too convoluted?

Just downloading Win32-Flex.exe

Laptop: no accents possible?

ld snapshots

Re: Lets get this straight.

Lets get this streight.

Re: Lets get this streight. (we got it)

lexa's ssh patch


libXpm.dll doesn't build with B20.1

Life from ashes (was Re: Saying things straight...)

Linker error

looking for libcurses..

ls -t not working

ls so slow

ls-lR.* for

Mail client

make binutils fails under B20

Make can't fid install-sh or in ./.. .

Re: Make can't find install-sh or in ./.. .

Matlab mex files and cgywin

Re: Matlab mex files and cygwin

Maybe, socket() and fork() related bug.


Merry christmas

Mesa Release 3.0 any successes?

Mingw32 windows.h < limits.h ?

Missing functions in libtcl80.a ?

missing info

Missing odbc library functions?

mixing big-endian and little-endian: gas/as can do?


mode of tty?

More problems with user-man_tar.bz2

mounting text=binary

mrouted again, for Win9X/NT

my problems installing b20.1 on NT4.0 solved

name for .profile & aliasing OK

name for .profile & aliasing?


ncurses-4.2 had broken links

Netscape Plugin with B20.1

Re: New release of tcsh for B20.1

Newbie - exception handling

Newbie: Binary inetd, telnetd, ftpd, etc available?

Newlib snapshots (Was: B19, EGCS 1.1: Strcasecmp ...)

nmake and '\' style path ...

No output on `who', no syslogs, incorrect working remote progs

No Subject

NT Emacs FAQ : Which startup file?


OK, why do I need -k in dlltool


opendir & readdir : undefined reference

Opinions on Anders Norlander's new headers/libs?

Patch applied [was Re: pdksh and UNC paths]

pb with GBD (B20.1)

pdksh and UNC paths

Performance and executable size

Re: PLEASE HELP: problem compiling CygWin B20

Please! Help me re-compile b20.1

Please, help me - Unix network programming

popen bug?

Port of mit-pthreads to Cygwin32

Portable code for B19 and B20(.1)

porting eggdrop 1.1.5

Porting Eggdrop 1.3.22 - I'm gonna try to fix some problems

Porting eggdrop 1.3.xx

Porting eggdrop 1.3.xx - SOLVED !

possible "buglet" in bash2.0.2 (or in "cd")

PPC821 cross-compiler for NT-host

Problem in build of development sources

problem installing B20.1 on NT 4.0 sp3

Re: Problem porting program using regex

Re: problem with \\.\a

Problem with getopts

Problem with Grabbing System Time

Problems using bash or tcsh under NT emacs

Program crashes when multiple sockets are open.

program made with gcc does not run on NT

pututline b20.1

R:Problem Compiling simple app

RAS will not run.

Rebar troubles...

rebuild b20.1 fails

Re: rint function (continued)

rsync and Windows 95

Saying things straight...

sccs on cygnus win32 b20 or b19 ???

SCSI tape & 20.1

SCSI Tape Access

Season's Greetings

select() on a X11 connection

sendmail on NT

Re: Serial port access (was: Can outsiders get simple questions

Re: Serial port access (was: Can outsiders get simple questions answered?)


Setting up EGCS Info

sgtty.h ?

shellapi.h problems in beta 20.1

Re: sig_send(): wait for sig_complete event failed...

Re: sorry, my fault


SSHD strangeness

Standard C++.


Strange ls -CF problem

Strange standard out in B20



tar & symbolic links

tar.exe.core dump when un-tarring GNUStep snapshot...


Re: tcsh hack for .exe & .com extensions

Re: tcsh-6.08.00

telnet (& ftp) (16 bit) under cygwin?

termcap questions


Time problems with B20.1

tkman-port for cygwin?

trouble with io system calls

Two questions about bash

typeinfo.h missing in b20


Unable to compile GNUStep under Cygwin B20.1 due to missing IOCTL flags.

UPD: GNUWin32 package report

Updating to B20.1

Re: use of Win32 native editor with cygwin

Using dllwrap on C++ code [Re: Linker error]

Using window classes

Visual C++ compatible tool set

Web page

Weird cursor behavior in bash prompt

What about HOME and USER when starting Cygwin B20.1

Where is <glob.h>

Where is bug?

Where is random()?

Re: Where is random()? - Thanks

Which Modula-3 for Win95 & cygwin-b20.1?

Which way to compile and link for mingw32 and iostreams

win-NT-programs running under win-95(cygwin)?

Win32 API can preserve case (?)

Windows Headers

Windows Resource Scripts

windres + B20 sh.exe

wtmp logging - talkd can't find users logged on

wtmp/utmp logging

X server?

Xon/Xoff in a telnet session

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