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Re: I: gcc ... -U_WIN32 ... may cause problems

---Michael Weiser <> wrote:
> Hello Michael, you wrote:
> >Cygwin32 but unix-specific daemon code is compiled instead, for
example.  To 
> >avoid coding #if defined construct as shown I decided to undefine
_WIN32 when 
> >compiling in Cygwin32 environment by using a command line of a form
"gcc ... 
> >-U_WIN32 ...".  Before I did that the application worked fine
however as soon 
> Wouldn't it be cleaner and easier to code something like
> #if defined __unix__ || defined __CYGWIN32__
> ...
> #endif
> and
> #if defined _WIN32 && !defined __CYGWIN32__
> ...
> #endif
> around parts of your program that should behave like on unix under
> cygwin? IMHO that wouldn't be more effort than solving your current
> problem and all the others that will arise if something in the headers
> or the cygwin tools gets changed.

Since we are giving humble opinions here is mine:

Leave the _WIN32 and WINNT for MS' use and get rid of them from the
specs altogether.  I've had to be cautious about this before and
_WIN32 being defined for CYGWIN32 and even MINGW32 definitely gets in
the way on occasion.

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