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Re: Building perl5 for cygwin32

     I'm using Yep-Perl build 1 from this site, and it seems to work fine, 
     so far.  However, the installation directory tree is very 
     non-standard, starting as it does in /qub.  I started to install it in 
     a way more to my liking (and more consistent with Linux-like file 
     structure), and found that the /qub tree was built into some of the 
     scripts (such as perldoc).  
     Does anyone know how much trouble it would be to move the Yep-Perl 
     into a more standard directory structure?
     John Velman  (Ignore any From line addresses - our gateway 
     re-writes the from line, apparently.)

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Subject: Building perl5 for cygwin32
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Date:    8/27/98 11:44 AM

Jeff Bergan writes:
 > Hey,
 > I'm trying to build perl for cygwin32, but when it tries to build FCntl it 
 > fails, with the last command being:
Why not just grab the ready-to-go Perl/Cygnus distribution from Pete 
Jordan's excellent website?
Follow the "software" links and you'll find Perl.
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