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Re: B19.1: virtual memory exhausted during make under Win95 resp. Win NT4 wrote:
> Hi,
> during compilation of MICO an error occured as described shortly in
> thesubject. To explain you in detail what's happened, I present
> the complete error szenario. I installed the GNU-Win32  Beta 19 under
> Windows95 and Windows NT4 in the default directory. After that
> I also installed the update to B19.1. The application I wanted to
> was MICO in version 2.1.1
> (available at: ).
> I started the make process with the configure script and after that I
> started make. There was no error until the file "" was compiled.
> The following message appeared on screen:
> c++  -I. -I../include -I/Cygnus/b19/mico/./include/ministl -O
> -fno-exceptions
>   -c -o orb.o
>  106
> 5) commit_and_inc: VirtualAlloc failed
> In function `static class CORBA::ORB * CORBA::ORB_init(int
&, char
> **, c
> onst char *)':
> virtual memory exhausted
> make[1]: *** [orb.o] Error 1
> make: *** [system] Error 1
> bash-2.01$
> This error seems to be an error from GNU-Win32, isn't it? If yes,
what has
> to be done to compile MICO completely? Is there a patch to
> cc1plus.exe?

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