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Re: Posix utils (was EGCS 1.0.2: weird include paths with gcc -b, specs, etc)

Stephen L Arnold wrote on 23 Aug 98, 10:51 :

> On 22 Aug 98, Paul Garceau had this to say about Re: EGCS 1.0.2: 
> weird include paths with gcc -b, :
> >  Mine is an i86/NT4 and has had the Posix utilities added from 
> > the MS NT4 Workstation Resource Kit.
> > 
> >  This set of Posix utilities, if anyone would wish to re-build them,
> >  need to be built under NTFS.  The pre-built binaries themselves 
> > function just fine in a FAT partition.
> Excuse my ignorance, but can these tools be built for win95/98?


> Or is it another one of those NT only things?


NT's "subsystem" model supports the POSIX subsystem as well as the more 
familiar Win32, WOW (Win16) and OS/2 (1.x?) subsystems.

MS did as little work as possible to make their implementation of the POSIX 
subsystem compliant with POSIX .1, then had the ResKit utils hacked together as 
a poor substitute on the road to POSIX .2.  They have since teamed with Softway 
to create OpenNT / Interix, which is a fleshed-out POSIX subsystem which is 
more recognizable to folks desiring something more like a "Unix" subsystem.

Alex P. Madarasz, Jr.  --
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