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Re: faq (was Re: ssh searching its files in /.ssh instead of $HOME/.

Michael Weiser wrote:
> Hello tjoen, you wrote:
> >> BTW2: Is there any Interest in posting the FAQ periodically to this
> >> list?
> >I am interested.
> >But post them only after an update taken place.
> Mhmm, IMHO the FAQ should be posted regularly every two or four weeks
> so that every 'newbie' gets to read it before asking at the list. I
> don't know how frequently changes happen so I don't know if the
> interval would be much longer following your suggestion or even much
> shorter. I think we would have to try. But there should be some
> regular interval in posting.
> But of course I'll anyway check the size of the document first for
> whether it makes sense posting it. IMHO I won't get new friends by
> posting a 100KB monstrum. ;)
> My HTML-Version downloaded 98/8/18 is about 134KB. Leaving out the
> history and GPL we could gain about 40 to 50 KB reduction to about 80
> to 90KB. Converting to ASCII it could reduce again to about 60 to 70
> KB but IMHO that's already hard at the border for posting it to the
> list.
> What do you (I mean all the other ;) think about this?
> For the case that it's really to much for posting: Is there any
> interest in posting a list of resources where you can get info from
> like the FAQ, Michael's package report and various gnu-win32 pages on
> the web? If nothing strange happens I think I could find the time to
> maintain such a resource and post it here.
> --
> Micha
> -
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Why not add a link to the FAQ to the above signature lines?

Possibly with the date it was last updated and any other (few) 
pertinent links.

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For help on using this list (especially unsubscribing), send a message to
"" with one line of text: "help".

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