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Re: Problem using "protoize"

> I was trying to use "protoize" command, and got the follow message
> "protoize: warning: missing SYSCALLS file
> `/cygnus/b19/H-i386-cygwin32/lib/gcc-lib/i386-cygwin32/2.7-
> 97r2aBeta/SYSCALLS.c.X'"
> anybody has any idea?? I was trying to convert K&R c code to ANSI
> style

Run "info gcc" to find info about running protoize (it's actually a special
version of the gcc compiler.)

The SYSCALLS.c.X is an "auxinfo" file produced by gcc that gives protoization
information about system calls.  It should have been created when you built
the system, but aparently it wasn't created or you have moved things or
changed versions or something.  Search for a SYSCALLS.c.X file in your
filesystem and if you find one, you can run protoize with the -B option
to specify the directory that contains the SYSCALLS.c.X file.  Otherwise,
you can create a null length SYSCALLS.c.X file in a temp directory and
give the temp directory to protoize via the -B option.

To ultimately solve the probelm, make sure that the protoize that you are
running is the current version you have compiled (i.e. it looks like the
protoize you are running is the 2.7-97r2aBeta version).  If so, then try
to find out why the SYSCALLS.c.X file was not produced when you built the

marcus hall
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