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Re: missing files from winsup

On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Anang Syarifudin wrote:

> Greetings,
> I've downloaded winsup-b19.1.tar.gz from cygnus's ftp, then i ./configure
> and i got error can not find install-sh or in . ./.. ./../..
> I tried to download from i got same error.
> Then i tried to apply patch form sergey's mixed-case.diff i got some
> rejected files. I copied from other place, but it didn't work
> either.
> Somebody tell me what i missed

You didn't really miss anything, it's just that the winsup sources are
meant to be unpacked into a pre-existing tree where all the other support
files are. The bare minimum you need are the following (preferably from
the B19 source tree):
    [files such as install-sh, configure, etc]

I won't know what else is missing from this list above until I actually 
try it (which I don't indent on doing since I have complete source tree 
locally here). You can skip newlib by pointing to the installed headers 
(need to modify the Makefile and take out -nostdinc and -nostdinc++).


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