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Re: mounts, ls, and filename completion

In article <>,
Larry Hall <> wrote:
>At 07:32 PM 8/20/98 GMT, Michael Weiser wrote:
>Personally, I agree with Earnie.  I don't see any reason why pipes, etc
>need to be text mode.  Anyway, at the moment, we're stuck with what comes
>from Cygnus by default, which means pipes are text mode.  Assuming that
>we will not get agreement on the subject of making pipes binary for good,
>I think a switch would be the next best alternative (perhaps the current 
>binmode switch could be used?)  However, currently with the source 
>distributed with b19.x, pipes ARE text.  There is no facility for making 
>them binary.  It is hard-coded.  I'll make a change to the bash source to 
>check the binmode switch if nobody objects that this is bad pragmatically...

I wouldn't bother.  In the next release of cygwin, the pipe() function will
honor the CYGWIN32=[no]binmode automatically.

I'll try taking the setmode out of bash and see if anyone hollers here.
--             "Everything has a boolean value, if you stand      far enough away from it."  -- Galena Alyson Canada
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