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Re: RESULTS: newsgroup creation straw poll.

Geoffrey Noer writes:
 > On Mon, Aug 17, 1998 at 01:10:18PM -0400, Steve Morris wrote:
 > [...]
 > > o - The select group will make a first pass at an RFD (Request For Discussion)
 > >    and post it here for preliminary discussion.
 > Great!  Thanks for taking the initiative for getting this done.
 > I would suggest that the cygwin newsgroup be called something like
 > since the djgpp newsgroup is
 > comp.os.msdos.djgpp.

Since cygwin is not a windows manager is probably not
appropriate. We have been thinking about putting it in the
hierarchy which is probably what you were thinking. has things
like in it for X11 type stuff. is for
groups related to running under the microsoft windows family os' and that
seems to be us. confuses many people who assume the microsoft meaning of the
word "windows" but that was not the intention of that hierarchy.

There is something else that should be discussed before we go too far. What
do people think about calling it cygwin vs. something like gunwin32. Is this a
cygnus product and discussion or is this a larger group with cygnus as the
biggest contributor.

What is Cygnus position on this? Goeff? Can you speak for them?
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