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Re: problem with symbolic links across filesystems

---ChadyS <> wrote:
> I have recently started working with the b19.1 version of the
cygwin32 tools,
> and I am very much interested in using the symbolic link capability.
 I have
> found a problem using symbolic links across filesystems.
> Here is the setup:
> directory	d:/da/db
> directory	c:/ca
> ln -s d:/da/db c:/ca/cb
> If you are in /ca, you can cd to cb without problems.
> You can't, however, cd to /ca/cb.  The problem is realpath shows the
> path for /ca/cb:	/ca/d:/da/db
> Does anyone have any suggestions?

Try the following (although this looks like a bug in path demangling
so it probably won't help):

mount -b d:/ d
ln -s /d/da/db /c/ca/cb

If that doesn't work, try it this way:

mount -b d:/da /da
ls -s /da/db /ca/cb

Please, report your results to the list.
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