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[OFFTOPIC] Lost partition table (Was: Re: Anybody Running GNU-Win32 on NT 5 ?)

On Sun, Aug 16, 1998 at 05:31:04PM -0700, you [Greg Humphreys] claimed:
> Sure am.  I've been running GNU-Win32 on NT 5 for about a month now, with no
> problems.  However, NT 5 ate its partition table a couple of days ago,
> destroying itself *and* Linux simultaneously, so it's gone now.
> Word to the wise: don't try to write CD's on the NT 5 beta, unless your
> partition table isn't important to you :)

Having had partition table erased by the NT 4 installation program, I might
suggest you not lose your hope yet when it comes to saving the Linux 

I had a Linux partition filled with a tremendously working Linux installation 
at the time I was installing NT. After the partition table was erased I was
a bit shocked because I couldn't even remember the partition size accurately.
However, I decided to give it a try, and booted with a Linux floppy. I made a
new partition table with fdisk, estimation roughly the parameters of the ext2fs
partition. Then I calmly tried to mount the partition, and behold, it worked.
Linux did complain something about wrong size of the partition, but it was easy 
to cure with a simple iteration. (I had estimated the size off by tens of megs.)

So, although I'm more cynical about your ntfs, I suggest you don't lose your
hope with ext2fs.

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