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stupid newbie questions


I just started with this stuff yesterday, so excuse my ignorance
:-)  Although I've been learning/using linux for the last couple of 
years, the FAQ doesn't really make all that much sense to me.

Is there some kind of Newbie's doc, Getting Started Guide, or HOWTO 
that I'm missing?

I've installed the 19B1, EGCS, binutils, and the coolview thingy.  
I've even got root mounted on my D:\ partition (although it wasn't 
obvious at first) and set HOME for .bashrc, etc.  But I still have 
no idea what I'm doing (I'm trying to get in the mood for my C 
class tomorrow, and I've been out of school for a few years ;-)

What does cygpath.exe do?

The following environment variables are set in the cygnus.bat file.


These others (below) are obviously wrong; where are they set?  I'm 
using win95, so I guess I can't have an /etc directory :-(  Should 
I set them in my .bashrc?  If so, what directories should they 
point to?


What about all the other default env. variables?  Where can I 
change them (or do I need to set/zero them in my .bashrc file)?

Any answers, pointers, etc, would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks 
in advance.

Regards, Steve Arnold

Steve Arnold                  

Conserving bandwidth (and belly-button lint...)
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