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Re: make problem/bug on NT (Cygwin B19)

Lassi A. Tuura wrote:
> |> Does anyone have a clue what might be happening here? [...] v3.77 of
> |> make [...] seemed to have other problems (kept claiming times were
> |> off).
> Actually, that likely to be your problem.  If the modification time of
> the library is in future (beyond the time stamp you get on your .f90
> file after touching it), make will think it is up to date and will not
> build anything.  Perhaps the `lb' tool is doing something twisted?

That looks most likely.  The Absoft folks are looking into it.  It
seems likely that lb isn't inserting the correct time/date info into
the archive.

Good call!

I should have paid more attention to the 3.77 msg - it really was
trying to tell me something.  Imagine that.

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> try quoting the /out: portion with a \ as /out to make would be a
> directory and -out to lb isn't a switch. I.E.:
>   if [ -f $@ ]; then lb \/out:$@ $@ $<; else lb \/out:$@ $<; fi

No, the backslash isn't necessary, and lb accepts either the /out
or -out forms for options.

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