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RESULTS: newsgroup creation straw poll.

In one week of voting I got 42 responses, 5 NO and 38 YES. I interpret this as
enough interest to move forward but not enough to guarantee a win when a real
vote comes up.

I think the process will go as follows:

o - A group of people willing to help the process is discussing it in
   Michael's new mailing list (thanks Michael.) There are 4 or 5 people
   subscribed or intending to subscribe.

o - The select group (self selected group?) is looking at newsgroup creation
   documents to familiarize ourselves with the proceedure.

o - The select group will make a first pass at an RFD (Request For Discussion)
   and post it here for preliminary discussion.

o - Assuming it doesn't get totally shot down, a revised RFD will be formally
   posted to all the correct places (news.announce.newgroups, news.groups,
   this list.)

o - The formal discussion will take place on news.groups.

o - What will be will be, i.e. we will follow the process, possibly
   resubmitting the RDF to respond to suggestions etc. kicking off the CFV

o - The will of the people will prevail. Isn't democracy wonderful.

If you want to be a member of the prestigeous "select" group you have to pass
the secret test, i.e. you've got to subscribe to Michael's list. ;)


Steve Morris
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