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Re: OpenGL with mingw32

Larry Hall wrote:

>"D" is the MD designation for DLLs which are debug rather than release.
>My guess is you are compiling as debug, so MS is looking for the debug
>libraries.  If so, try compiling without debug (don't define DEBUG,
>or use -g).  If this works, try putting the -g back in and leaving the
>defines out.  Something along these lines is likely going to be the
>clincher for you.
>Larry Hall                    
>RFK Partners, Inc.                      (781) 239-1053
>8 Grove Street                          (781) 239-1655 - FAX
>Wellesley, MA  02181          

I thought that might be the problem with something screwy in the way I
compiled mesa, but with MS OpenGL and SGI OpenGL, the DLLs are already
pre-compiled. I assume that at least the MS OpenGL that comes with
Win95/98 is not a debug version. Besides, when I use "dlltool",
doesn't --dllname specify the name of the DLL that will be used?

Thanks for the suggestion though. I'll try again with mesa, making sure
I get a release version. Unfortunately, even if it works, I don't think
it will help with my other problem. That is, getting the error message
"linked to missing export GLU32.DLL:_gluPerspective." Hey, I just
noticed this, but why is this error message specifying GLU32.DLL, not
GLU32D.DLL? I think perhaps
--dllname doesn't exactly do what I think it does.


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