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newsgroup creation straw poll.

Mumit pointed out (see quote below) that many people might be interested in
seeing this list evolve to a newsgroup but are not interested in doing the
work. I'm willing to help make it happen but only if there is interest. To
test the interest level I am conducting a straw poll. I would appreciate if
people who have an interest in this subject would reply to me with a simple
yes/no on whether it is worth persuing this issue.

Here is the question:

"Is it a good idea to consider creating one or more newsgroups to discuss
gnw-win32 related subjects?"

I would appreciate hearing a yes vote from people who might vote in favor but
are not sure. For example you might vote no if there was no gateway to this
mailing list but yes if there was. Other people might vote for or against
depending on the proposed name. These people should respond to this question
with a yes.

The only immediate thing this straw poll will affect is whether I keep pushing
or drop the subject, so don't feel committed. This is not a vote to create a
newsgroup, only a vote to consider creating one.

Please do not reply to this list. Reply to me personally. I will report a
sumary of the results. I will not report the names and/or votes of anyone

Steve Morris

Mumit Khan writes:
 > On 7 Aug 1998, Michael Hirmke wrote:
 > > I have no interest in reading a newsgroup *and* a mailing list covering
 > > the same topics and so far can see no sense in creating a newsgroup.
 > > Therefore I didn't write anything to anyone regarding this topic :)
 > Then don't! I'm not sure if you realize this, but most of the usual
 > GNU newsgroups (and lots of the programming ones) started out from a 
 > mailing lists and then turned into newsgroups  when the traffic
 > mushroomed. Lots of these are still gatewayed in and out of mailing 
 > list. You only have to read one or the other, but not both unless you
 > want to. I subscribe to some of these since we archive them for local 
 > use, but actually read/post using the newsgroup part.
 > I believe that the reason there is such little interest shown so far is 
 > because the people who complain the most about irrelevant traffic (eg.,
 > myself) don't want to take the time to create the newsgroup. We just
 > hope someone else will do it, and not bother us with the details ;-)

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