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Re: Yet another GNU-Win32 website...

What do we need to adopt RPM?  Has anyone ported the rpm utilities yet?

More importantly, before RPM (or any package installer) will succeed on
cygwin32 there should be some sort of filesystem standard, like the
FSSTD for Linux.  Does everybody have a /usr directory?  Howabout /var? 
The installer doesn't create these, so for now they are optional...

Joseph Norton wrote:
> >I think that's a really great idea. Perhaps we could merge this
> >approach with the tendencies to build rpm-packages for cygwin32 and
> >have a installation program like linux-distributions?
> I agree. I am new user to cygwin32 and would like to be able to download
> and install/build individual packages instead of the entire sdk at once.
> I dual-boot debian-linux and just recently nt. I would love to have the
> same type of package/installation process as debian for nt.  I wonder if
> it would be possible to re-use the gnu debian infrastructure/tools but
> have a "port" geared towards cygwin32.
> joe norton

Jeff Sturm
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