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OT: Re: Yet another GNU-Win32 website...

Jeff Sturm wrote:
> Why doesn't someone build a distribution of cygwin32 configured with
> all the goodies, updates, egcs, X11, etc?  There are several people at
> my organization who downloaded cygwin32 independently, and I can
> guarantee they don't know how powerful this software is.  A polished,
> quick-to-install distribution would knock their socks off... personally
> I'd jump at the chance if I were a CD maker.

I wholeheartedly agree that this would be ideal on a CD. Most of the computer
magazines over here in the UK seem to go in for cover CD's. This would be an
ideal way of getting more coverage for the GNU-WIN32 system i.m.o.

That said, I'm not sure that a mega-distribution would be a good idea for 'net
distribution, since it surely would take a long time to download - hence a bad 

The other thing is that, for an all-encompasing distribution, would it include 
any kind of
freeware X-server - for all those many people who haven't gone out and bought 
PC-Xware, KEA-X, or any of the other 3rd party systems?

As someone else said ".... just my $0.02 worth".

Bob Cross.

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