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Re: Yet another GNU-Win32 website...

Jeff Sturm <> wrote:

> This looks like a good starting point.  I've just started working with
> cygwin32 myself... I learned a few things from this website, and saw
> numerous other items that I've learned elsewhere or figured out for
> myself.

Thanks :)

> The installation page mentions hacking the registry to mount / in binary
> mode (why does it default to non-binary anyway? CRLF text mode is evil)
> but why not mention the registry keys... sure, they're not hard to find,
> but still...

Already done...

> even better would be a tcl/tk utility to edit the registry settings.

Good idea, though it'll likely be a Perl/Tk utility if I write it.

>   b) it is horrible for a newcomer to find his way around and tame
>      it into a nice, useable GNUish package (why no vim, less in the
>      distribution?)  I guess that's why it's beta...

Indeed. I'll be adding stuff to my site describing how to add these basic 
utilities (man/groff/etc immediately come to mind). Hopefully I'll be able 
to mirror the various ports too.

> Why doesn't someone build a distribution of cygwin32 configured with
> all the goodies, updates, egcs, X11, etc?  There are several people at
> my organization who downloaded cygwin32 independently, and I can
> guarantee they don't know how powerful this software is.  A polished,
> quick-to-install distribution would knock their socks off... personally
> I'd jump at the chance if I were a CD maker.

Hmmm. Sounds like a cool idea...

Pete Jordan ~ Horus Communications Ltd ~

"In short, just as the Multics mentality of careful access controls
 shows up throughout Unix, the cretinous CP/M mentality of uncontrolled
 havoc shows up in DOS and all its mutant children."

    Tom Christiansen
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