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Re: Directx 5 and gdb

On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Tom Stokes wrote:

> I have DirectSound working using Mumit's EGCS/MINGW32 package and Peter
> Hawkins Directx 5 package. However, I do have a problem with GDB like so -
>   1. gdb app
>   2. br WinMain
>   3. run
> I bunch of DLLs get loaded, the line containing WinMain is displayed, then
> gdb crashes with
> an invalid page fault in CRTDLL.DLL. Any takers?


I know very little about DirectX, but from what I understand, there're
some unresolved issues in egcs that causes "bad" code to be emitted that
kills programs using DirectX and other C++-written MS API. Perhaps you're
running into one of these?

Good news is that Antonio M. O. Neto <> is
working on creating patches for egcs that will make it emit the right size
for pointers for virtual methods needed to satisfy MS (quite undocumented, 
unless you pay for it) ABI. You might want to contact Antonio to see what
he thinks about this.

These patches unfortunately *will not* be in egcs-1.1, but if Antonio has
well-defined changes, I'll probably include them in a maintainance
release, which I'm sure will be needed after the major upgrade.

Then again, you might just be running into something quite different and
all this is simply irrelevant ...


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