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RE: Any interest in alt.os.cygwin32?

Since it's an unmoderated alt.* group, all of the work is up front. There's
little to no maintenence burdon. I'm assuming that someone else would
to maintain and regularly post an FAQ.

So... Yes. I'd volunteer to lobby for the creation of the group if there's
sufficient interest. Before I do that, I'd like to hear the opinions of the
people at Cygnus though.

Additionally, I need some measure of the level of interest. How many
people subscribe to gnu-cygwin32?


From: Mumit Khan
To: Charles Randall
Cc: ''
Sent: 8/2/98 12:37:41 PM
Subject: Re: Any interest in alt.os.cygwin32?

On Sat, 1 Aug 1998, Charles Randall wrote:

> While I greatly appreciate the efforts of the Cygnus staff, I wonder if
> a USENET news group dedicated to Cygwin32 would be beneficial. While
> the name is debatable (is Cygwin32 an OS?), I couldn't think of anything
> better. 

I believe that there's interest, but of course it requires a bit of work
before a newsgroup comes into play (that last time I was involved was
almost 10 years ago -- things must've changed a bit since).

Are you interested in volunteering?


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