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Re: Why MINGW32-EGCC compiled programs so big in size?

On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, Andrey I. Iliev wrote:

> I build some program (source.cpp) using 3 different compilers. 
> Here is file size of executables : 
> 1) VC5                                68096
> 2) BCC 5.02                      69632
> 3) Cygnus b19                   23746
> 4) MINGW32-EGCC      176149 !!!
> 5) MINGW32-GCC           26046
> Can anybody explain why  MINGW32-EGCC produce so big executable?
>  I feel it's probably because MINGW32-EGCC  link statically some libs?
> What libs and why?
> All executables has been compiled with default options: 
> GNU GCC: gcc -o source.exe source.cpp
> VC5: cl source.cpp 
> BCC5: bcc32 source.cpp.  

EGCS will by default include exception and rtti info when building C++
programs. If you don't use either, you can compile with -fno-exceptions
and -fno-rtti to reduce size. Also, have you compared the "stripped"


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