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Re: editing howto?

>I don't remenber the name of the guy asking if he can ran vim throught
>telnet. At least, I know it works for me and I thank all the people
>working for that. As a telnetd, I use both my own (with no echo) and the
>GeorgiaSoftWorks one (only for NT). I have downloaded vim from:

>It works both with TERM=ansi and TERM=xterm. I can use it inside an xterm
>(xterm -> telnet -> telnetd -> vim) or with telnet from Windows. I can
>even use the arrows, but not in every configurations. Under my own
>telnetd, vim complains about Input and Ouput not being a terminal (normal,
>these are pipes!) but it still works. And I have so CYGWIN32 env. var.

Great. As a side note, you guys should check out gvim under win32, its
really nice, and has colour syntax highlighting.

Its ashame that more stuff has'nt been ported, you can compile quite a few
programs straight out of the tarball now. 

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