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Updated Windows header files.

The windows header files included with B19 don't define everything.   I'm
going to be making a few changes to have them match up with my Win32 API
reference I have handy..  The first change has to do with the MINMAXINFO
structure (i386-cygwin32\include\Windows32\Structures.h):

typedef struct tagMINMAXINFO {
  POINT ptReserved;
  POINT ptMaxSize;
  POINT ptMaxPosition;
  POINT ptMinTrackSize;
  POINT ptMaxTrackSize;

This adds the LPMINMAXINFO to the define, which is used to make my Win32
program not size smaller than some min values I have defined.

In case you're wondering, the code is as follows  (in the window procedure):
       ((LPMINMAXINFO) lParam)->ptMinTrackSize.x = iWidth;
       ((LPMINMAXINFO) lParam)->ptMinTrackSize.y = iHeight;

It is important to return 1 since we do not process the message, but merely
hook it and make sure that the values are good for the min x and min y pixel

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