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Re: windres - controls supported

>> Is this the current status? Is there a workaround? I really need a
>I can recommend you to use another lcc tool for that:
>>>> lrc.exe
>(lcc's resource compiler).
>It will handle all resource types, and it is supported: if any problems
>just let me know and I will fix it.

Thanks Jacob, now I have some hope. At least part of the problem is that  I
have no docs on
creating Win32 resources.

WEDITRES generates this for a slider (trackbar) in a dialog box:

    CONTROL         "", DLGA_ALPHA, "", Trackbar | WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW |
                            WS_CLIPSIBLINGS, 203, 176, 223, 18

LRC spits out a number of "integer expected" and "control statement
expected". Guessing the problem
might be with the word 'Trackbar', I substitued a known style  - e.g.
TBS_HORZ.. This did allow
LRC to compile without error, but the dialog box wouldn't open.

Perhaps all I need is a working script. I could manage from there.

         Thanks for your help,


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