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Re: md5sum uses text mode, not binary mode

I would take a guess and say its something to do with not running in binary

mount -b whatever

I would like to know what someone else's setup is for this, so I can
and mimmick it :-)

Where does mount read/write its settings to, the registry through cygnus?
Memory space?

>The md5sum program seems to be reading it's files in text mode
>instead of binary mode.  That seems to make md5sum mostly useless.
>Here's what makes me think md5sum is using text mode.
>First, md5sum calculates the same signature regardless of whether it
>reads from stdin or whether it opens the file itself:
>	$ md5sum foo.exe
>	d4bb47940abe12e88cbf5286f3f0664b  foo.exe
>	$ md5sum < foo.exe
>	d4bb47940abe12e88cbf5286f3f0664b  -
>Next, md5sum calculates the same signature even if its input came
>from `cat'.
>	$ cat foo.exe | md5sum
>	d4bb47940abe12e88cbf5286f3f0664b  -
>Finally, `cat' obviously uses text mode:
>	$ cat foo.exe | wc
>	     11      48    2098
>	$ ls -l foo.exe
>	-r-xr-xr-x   1 544      everyone  1190912 Jun 17 16:15 foo.exe
>	$
>Clearly, `cat' read only the first 2098 bytes.  I infer that it saw
>a ^Z and stopped, implying that `cat' reads its files in text mode.

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