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RE: Question concerning configure scripts

I have had this problem with some configure scripts as well.  The exact
nature of the problem was that the system was trying to stat()
/dev/null.  Which does not actually exist.  My solution was to use the
standard command prompt to create an almost empty file.

On my machine E:\Unix is mounted as root, "/". So I did the following:
	cd \unix
	mkdir dev

Using the period immediately following "echo" cause echo to output an
empty line.  This gives a two-byte, CR/LF, /dev/null file that can be

-----Original Message-----
From: Alexander Stockdale []
Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 1998 8:07 AM
Subject: Question concerning configure scripts

I asked this question before, but received no response.  Has anyone 
else experienced problems with the use of /dev/null in configure 
scripts?  In particular I find I have problems with gcc -E commands 
if the STDERR is piped to /dev/null.  I work around it by changing 
/dev/null to a junk file, which allows me to proceed.  Anyone have 
any ideas?
Alexander Stockdale

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