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Re: mmsystem, portable Audio library

Curt Olson wrote:
> ... some stuff about not being able to run executables linked
> against "mmsystem.dll" ...

Benjamin Riefenstahl writes:
> mmsystem.dll is a 16-bit component (NE executable). According to my docs
> you need to link to winmm.dll for 32 bits.

John D. Rogers writes:
> I think not.  The problem you're facing is that "mmsystem.dll" is a
> 16-bit .DLL and can't be used from within a 32-bit application without
> special effort on your part.
> The .DLL I think you want to be working with is "winmm.dll" which
> resides in your "system32" subdirectory underneath your NT install
> directory.  This is a 32-bit .DLL intended for use with 32-bit apps.

Thanks everyone for your help.  This appears to have solved my

... silly me ... thinking if I include "mmsystem.h" that I should link
against "mmsystem.dll" ... oh well ... :-)  

Microsoft -- making computing safer, easier, and better for everyone. :-|

Curtis Olson                        University of MN, ME Dept.                  Try Linux!
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