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Re: "wait_subproc" error?

In article <000701bd8e59$32d44e90$>,
Geoff Hart <> wrote:
>Lately, I've been having trouble with bash.  I get the following error
>when I exit telnet (the telnet client was logged into some other host,
>typically a UNIX host, but sometimes another NT box running Sergey's INETD
>$ exit
>Connection closed by foreign host.
>(c:\usr\bin\sh.exe 1166) wait_subproc: wait failed. nchildren 1, wait -1,
>err 6
>(c:\usr\bin\sh.exe 1166) wait_subproc: event[1] 0x20, error 6
>and then the shell hangs.  Ctrl-C (Z, \, ...) do nothing.
>What does that error mean?

It is an internal error.  If you run with STRACE=1,/some/file and
send me the file, I might be able to analyze what's happening.

If you are not running a "coolview" release, please try that before
running with STRACE.
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