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Re: Yes! A _new_ inetd problem!

On 02-Jun-1998, Todd P. Whitesel <> wrote:
> ftpd works, but if I change my /etc/passwd login shell, e.g. to /bin/bash
> -- it blew me off with "530 User toddpw access denied." until I changed it
> back to /bin/sh.

Do you have an /etc/shells (or maybe /usr/local/etc/shells) file?
This should contain a list of valid shells, one per line, e.g.


> Actually, could somebody just explain what exactly the text!=binary setting
> affects? Does it simply cover the behavior of fopen() without "b" or is it
> something more convoluted, like altering the behavior of read() and write().

It alters the behaviour of fopen() without "b" and also open() without
_O_BINARY, which then affects read() and write().

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