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Re: pointers &arrays[]

Not being a mathemagician but keenly interested in math (regretting the
"whattamy ever gonna use this junk for?" attitude) I'm interested.  I
thought the question "What is an Array Name?" would be simple to answer. 
The apparent contradiction in the language seem to point to a more complex
underlying structure, yes?

> From: Ernest Clayton Cordell, Jr. <>
> To: Scott Warner <>
> Subject: Re: pointers &arrays[]
> Date: Friday, November 28, 1997 4:52 AM
> Scott,
>     If you would like to engage in a Q&A series, I can explain to you why
> each of the explanations you received is true and valid.  To grasp any
> mathematical construct, it is best to first separate instances of the
> 'is' into identity, equality, synonymity, identicality, existence and
> equivalence.  One reason that you got such a broad array of responses is
> that each respondent is understanding and relaying a different sense of
> word 'is.'
>     You must have many more questions now  .  .  .
> Ernie
> >
> >1.  Array names are equivelant to pointers in most cases
> >2.  Array names are NOT pointers
> >3.  Array names are pointers
> >4.  Arrays do not exist, really
> >

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