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Getting bash working under Emacs

Sorry about sending this to both lists, but I'm not sure exactly where the
fix is so I hoping that the wider audience helps.

I'm using the cygnus tools along with the latest coolview patches and emacs
19.34.6.  I've just finished getting bash 2.01.1 compiled and working and
patched it so that bash can handle the case-insensitivity of NT correctly.
Things looked pretty good, I'd had some mucking around to do since
configure ran but came up with a pretty hopeless configuration so I had to
spend most of last night night finding all of the errors in config.h, but
after tidying those up, it compiled and worked just fine.

Then I tried to run bash as an inferior shell in emacs, it runs, but after
every command is typed it comes back with an error about command^M not
being recognised.  Now I know that the coolview patches seem to have
removed a lot of useful compatability options to do with text!=binary so
I'm assuming that this is another one.

Has anyone seen this behaviour?  I don't know whether the best bet is to
start delving into emacs lisp to find the problem (not my best language) or
try to patch bash to work differently.

Any suggestions?


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