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Mount - is there a limitation I'm not aware of?

Good day all,

I'm attempting to re-compile our software on NT. It has been developed 
under Unix in a Clearcase environment using imake. If you use Clearcase 
on both Unix and NT you will be aware that paths to Clearcase files in 
Unix begin /vobs/<vobname> while on NT <vobname> is mapped to a drive 
letter. This means that all the paths specified in the imake files 
are not valid on NT. 

The gnu-win32 mount command undoes this damage by allowing drive letters 
to be mounted from / thus the G: drive which has Clearcase files could 
be mounted /vobs/ so that G:<vobname> becomes /vobs/<vobname> ... the 
Unix paths are now valid on NT!

Now comes the sticking point, while the above is true with the gnu-win32 
provided bash shell the build (which uses the Visual C++ "cl" command 
to compile) still claims that the paths are invalid and I'm beginning 
to think that there may be some limitation to the mount command that 
stops "cl" from seeing the clever stuff that mount has done. 

Could someone explain it to me (and hopefully say it aint so? - 
it looked like a great fix to the path problem) ? Advice from anyone 
who has done a similar job using imake and/or Clearcase also welcome 
(the imake list is so... quiet)

thanks to all,
Neil J Mackie.
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