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Re: MS Platform SDK now available

Hi Paul,

> 	Thanks for getting back to me on this.  It is much appreciated.  For 
> those on the list interested in using the MS Platform SDK, this appears to 
> be very sound advice.

I hope my latest instructions on how to use the MS headers made at least this
item clear.
> 	(As a quick appears that your email to the list is being 
> duplicated, Axel).

Oops, I sent it to the list and to you, sorry for this.
> 	Well, my expectation is that I can use source code developed under 
> VC/C++ and compile it with the GC/C++ tool set with little or no changes 
> to the actual source code itself.

I'm not sure whether this goal can be achieved easily (actually I don't think
so for C++). My motivation was simply to write my own Win32 applications with
a *free* C-Compiler. Thereby I found out that I need some additional header files.
That's why I downloaded the Platform SDK (forgetting about other components).
> 	The November 1997 Platform SDK from MS is generated based on the MS 
> assumption that the developer in question has purchased either Borland 
> C/C++ or MS Visual C/C++ and is using either of those as their development 
> packages.

I agree. However, no problem if you only use the headers. Moreover, most of
the samples/sources provided by MS (and others) are built on MFC -> one more
difficulty for cygwin(n)ers.
> > I never felt the need to use the SDK libraries, because the ones from
> > mingw32 are pretty complete. My only motivation was to have also complete
> > headers (e.g. for all the shell functions, DDE, etc.) and in fact the
> > resource compiler rc.exe.
> 	Does that include the DX stuff?

Never came across this question/problem (but I think they are not included).

For the correct installation instructions for the headers you should have a
look at the message "How to use the MS headers (second attempt)" which I sent
to the list yesterday.

Best wishes,


Axel Riese
Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
J. Kepler University Linz
A-4040 Linz                              e-Mail:
Austria             URL:
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