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Re: questions about user tools

Hi Doug,

>1) I don't see a way to get a directory listing of the current drive.
>If I'm on the e: drive (for example) and enter "ls /", I'll see a
>listing of the c:/ directory.  Is there some work around without using
>"ls e:/"?

ls //e/


mount -b e:/ /somedir
cd /somedir

>2) I also downloaded and installed  It seems to
>work (start up) a bit faster than the standalone less.  Unfortunately,
>all of the text searches seem to fail without warning -- making the "/"
>and "?" commands useless (even when searching for plain text).  Should I
>go back to the standalone tool?  Or, is there a work-around?  Do you
>know of a more recent version?

Did you compile it yourself or was that a binary ?
If you compiled it yourself:
You have to put an include file into your C_INCLUDE_PATH, which is in
the source code package of the cdk, but which has been forgotten in the
binary distribution (rx.h). Recompile less after that.
If it was a binary, you have to get a new one or compile it yourself.

>2a) This version of less also seems to have a rather bizarre keyboard
>mapping.  Backspace and Delete keys *both* do nothing useful --
>Backspace enters ^H and Delete does nothing.

Do you have ncurses ? What is your TERM env var set to ?

>3) I noticed a number of references to environment variables on Sergey
>Okhapkin's web page.  Most of them seemed to deal with the development
>tools (most of which don't interest me today).  But, is there a listing
>somewhere of the environment variables which may be used to control the
>beta 18 user tools?

Yes, it is in the README, which came with the cdk.

>3a) I'd also appreciate a description of how to make tcsh or bash my
>primary DOS shell under Windows 95.

Just create a shortcut for them on your desktop and/or set COMSPEC env
var to the appropriate path.

>4) How would I download just the CygWin gmake, dmake or make tool?  That
>will be useful when I start developing Perl scripts on this system.

No way, ask someone to send it to you.

>5) Under Windows 95, the mkgroup and mkpasswd tools do not work.  Is
>there anything else to be aware of in this environment?

Many things, but I don't think, there is a list for that somewhere.

>6) How would I find the ports of man and the [gnt]roff tools mentioned
>in your FAQ?  There are no links for most of these tools.  Anything
>which makes the *.info and *.[135] files you provide more readable
>(short of using NT emacs which is sometimes slow and may require moving
>files around) would be appreciated.

Perhaps info2html would be of any help for you ?
man can be obtained from my site (see below), groff is too big for that.
Best would be to compile it yourself - it compiles out of the box from
the original sources.

>By the way, the tools are installed in the default location.  I've only
>modified the configuration by adding a mount point:
>	mount C:\gnuwin32\b18\H-i386-cygwin32 /usr

That doesn't matter - they work, if you set the env vars appropriately.

>	doug

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