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Re: CVS and SSH

>>>>Has any one had luck getting ssh and cvs working corectly together on
>>>>the NT platform?
>>>Yes - although I have had no luck getting ssh to compile and work with
>>i've got ssh to compile with a bit of fiddling but only the client works
>>so far, not the server. if that's needed for the combination you're after,
>>no luck yet.

>I'm interested in your fiddling what did you do ? :)

- updated the configure script to know about cygwin and do some #defining
- changed syslog.h and netdb.h slightly
- #ifdef'ed their socketpair function away - doesn't compile - not used anyway
- disabled all uses of unix domain sockets

when i pull my finger out and fake the unix domain sockets properly,
i expect the server might have some hope of working, too.

but even if it does, how do you make it suid root?-)

i was supposed to send patches of this to someone else (sorry i'm sooo slack):
when i have, i'll let you know.


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