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Online Shareware Store Partnership

We are trying to identify a limited number of medium- to high-traffic
sites to partner with us in the development of a turnkey Private-Label
Online Software Store.  First, though, we need to make one thing very
clear.  At TechWave, we are highly sensitive to fair and honest
Netiquette.  So, if you feel you have received this message by error or
wish to be taken off this list, simply forward this message to and your name will be removed immediately.  If,
however, you think your company could be a good match for this
revenue-building program, read on.  

At TechWave, we specialize in the creation of Private-Label Online
Software Stores for medium to high traffic web sites.  We will stock
your virtual shelves with tens of thousands of products, which will
create an ongoing revenue stream for your company.  This is a value-add
to your site and to your users, the kind of benefit that builds you a
solid customer base.  Just like a walk-in retail store, your online
software store makes a profit based on a percentage of products sold.
However, with your own online store, there is no cost for physical
facilities, salespeople, inventory, warehousing and other incurred costs
of retail. We will build your online store, stock it with over 10,000
popular software titles, run your store for you and split the  profits
with you. As with most stores, the greater number of products your store
sells, the higher your revenue.

You can take a look at our model store at to
get an idea of the look, feel and functionality.  

We are selectively considering companies that might be interested in
growing their online customer base and revenue from their website. Do
you think your company fits the profile?  Let us know at:


Tim Jones
Director of Online Stores
TechWave, Inc. 

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