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RE: Command line length limit

Hi Mark,

If your concerned with large zip files, a nice freeware split/join 
program with gui interface is name hjsplit.  I forget where I found it 
but if you have trouble I can see if I can find it again.

BTW: gnu-win32 is a mail list.  Anything mailed to gnu-win32 gets copied 
to anyone on the list.

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>From: Mark Johnson <>
>To: "'Martyn J. Pearce'" <>
>Cc: "''" <>
>Subject: RE: Command line length limit
>Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 15:50:50 -0000
>Thanks for the response.
>Unfortunately the problem is that make falls over when exec'ing the 
>commandline, including of course exec'ing xargs with redirected input, 
>or indeed echoing to a file.
>The xargs solution would be perfect if it was implemented within make 
>itself. Indeed we have used a similar technique with other makes which 
>coped with exporting large amounts to the environment but not to the 
>commandline or file.
>I can't update the zip file for each out of date file as this of 
>course changes the zipfile timestamp after the first file.
>Neither can I find a way of splitting the filelist within make to echo 
>it in parts to a file.
>At the moment I simply ignore dependencies and simply zip up 
>everything in the zipfile. This is not satisfactory in the medium to 
>long term but at least I have more than I need.
>Although I could split into multiple targets (zip up files starting a* 
>then b* etc) at some point I may still bust the limit, so this would 
>not be a robust solution.
>Thanks anyway for taking the time to reply.
> Mark
>P.S. Did this get copied to you by cygnus or did my mail get posted on 
>some newsgroup?
>-----Original Message-----
>From:	Martyn J. Pearce []
>Sent:	Tuesday, November 25, 1997 2:25 PM
>To:	Mark Johnson
>Cc:	''
>Subject:	Command line length limit
>Mark Johnson writes:
>| I happen to have a makefile where a target has several hundred
>| dependencies (it is a zipfile).
>| Unfortunately the win32 make reports an execvp error when attempting 
>| to exec the shell, either bash or cmd.exe, with the dependency list 
>| export the dependency list as an environment variable.
>| Any other possible workaround would also be appreciated. I have 
>| echoing to a tempfile or the environment, then invoking zip to read 
>| from the appropriate source but with no success.
>I think that xargs may be what you're after --- it's part of the
>standard gnuwin32 package.  It takes a bundle of arguments, a 
>and repeats the command on sized chunks of those arguments, e.g., 
>at a time.
>Jyra Research
>Hemel Hempstead
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