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How to use the MS headers (second attempt)

Dear all !

Yesterday I tried to explain how to use the Microsoft headers with cygwin and
mingw32. As I expected, I made some mistakes since I had to do it by heart.
For those being interested, here's the corrected version:

- Delete the Windows related headers from cygwin, mingw32, etc.

- Copy the MS headers in a directory and let C_INCLUDE_PATH point to
  this directory, too (I have no experience with C++)

- Download RSXNT131 and copy the files wingnuc.h and excpt.h into this

- Also extract patch.exe and patch.dif

- Run patch.exe on patch.dif as explained in rsxnt.hlp (section how to
  use the MS headers or something like that)

- At the beginning of wingnuc.h #include <string.h> (mingw32 needs this)

- Comment out the definitions in wingnuc.h which appear somewhere else:
  // #define __cdecl__
  // #define __stdcall __attribute__(stdcall)
  // #define _X86_
- Now everything should work fine unless you include shlobj.h (for the
  shell functions). If you don't need them skip this point. Otherwise, just
  look at the errors you get. Most of them are related to nameless
  structures and unions (too many to list here). For those, just add a
  (dummy) name in shlobj.h and the headers included by this one.

- If you want to use mingw32, you have to add
  -D_WCHAR_T and
  to your CFLAGS.

This should really work now. Sorry for the erroneous meassage,


Axel Riese
Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
J. Kepler University Linz
A-4040 Linz                              e-Mail:
Austria             URL:
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