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Re: Tape & Floppy

I was saying that one should always be charitable towards earnest attempts to
communicate by speakers of a foreign tongue.

I was not taking anyone to task for anything.  I *was* expressing
my respect for the abilities of people who speak multiple languages.

I took the "Never excuse the use of bad English" to be a sentiment
of a similar vein.

>I'll attempt to sort this out....
>I may be wrong, but that has never stopped me before.
>Chris, I think you are inferring that 1***
>as indicated means "Never excuse the use of bad English"
>Where I take it to mean "You don't need to appologize for what you
>perceive as bad English"
>I agree with Chris and don't wish to criticize _anyone_, simply
>agree and enlighten.
>my 2 drakmas ;)
>If I misunderstand your understanding, please correct me. The only thing
>I hate worse than not being right, is being left(behind). ;)
>Chris Faylor wrote:
>> In article <>,
>> Alex  <> wrote:
>> >On 23 Nov 1997, Michael Hirmke wrote:
>> >
>> >> >That's exactly what I would like to do - unfortunately my C is even worse
>> >> >than my English.
>> >>
>1***   > >> Never excuse for using bad English :)
>> >
>> >Yeah, but the worst english is typed/spoken by those who speak it as a
>> >native language. ;-)
>> I am always awed and humbled by the number of people who communicate here
>> for whom English is not their native language.  I speak exactly one language
>> and that's nothing to be proud of.
>> How could you possibly *not* excuse an honest attempt to communicate?
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