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Re: Tape & Floppy


>>> >That's exactly what I would like to do - unfortunately my C is even worse
>>> >than my English.
>>> Never excuse for using bad English :)

We've even put this one in the charter of the Perl-Win32 mailinglists.
And I think, this was a great idea - especially to encourage people to
write their questions and of course answers, even if they are not in
perfect English. This gives a lot to the community as a whole.

>>Yeah, but the worst english is typed/spoken by those who speak it as a
>>native language. ;-)
>I am always awed and humbled by the number of people who communicate here
>for whom English is not their native language.  I speak exactly one language
>and that's nothing to be proud of.
>How could you possibly *not* excuse an honest attempt to communicate?

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