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Command line length limit

I happen to have a makefile where a target has several hundred 
dependencies (it is a zipfile).

Unfortunately the win32 make reports an execvp error when attempting 
to exec the shell, either bash or cmd.exe, with the dependency list or 
export the dependency list as an environment variable.

I can of course have a number of sub targets to keep the length of the 
dependency list down, but what is the maximum limit?

Any other possible workaround would also be appreciated. I have tried 
echoing to a tempfile or the environment, then invoking zip to read 
from the appropriate source but with no success.

I may be able to make use of the facilities for archives, but it 
wasn't clear to me whether I could use utilities designed for a 
different file format in place of the default ones. Does make 
understand the internals of archive files?

Thanks for your help.

Mark Johnson
Datafit Ltd.

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