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bash shell question

Hi all,

	I am trying to write a script that will take a list of executables and make links to them in a directory.  I'm doing this to keep my bash PATH var. small while enabling me to call most of my programs from the shell.  Anyways, I'm running into problems when the filename include a path with a space in it, such as "Program Files".  I tried putting quotes around the path but the script still screws up the statement.  One way around this is to use the 8 character length names.  Is there a way to force find and ls to output the small filenames? Or is there another way to get the script working?


Michael Zawacki


/"Program Files"/cygnus/H-i386-cygwin32/bin/ar.exe
/"Program Files"/cygnus/H-i386-cygwin32/bin/as.exe



exec 0<./execs.txt

while read filename
 echo $filename
 ln -s $filename
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